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Small Business: Leveraging the New Whatsapp TV for Growth.


Sometimes we are approached by people requesting our help and assistance to win a contest. Just when we are about to say NO! Please I don’t have money to vote for you. The person shocks you with no money involved, I just need you to send I want ‘Lida Digitals’ to win to a number. The next line of action for your vote to count is to save the person’s number while the person saves yours. Its entertainment and beautifully packaged thought-provoking content gives you more than a hundred reasons to purchase a product that sometimes you don’t know you need. Shockingly, it is not just an activity over the internet it is a form of marketing and it is here to stay.



WhatsApp TV is an evolution for small businesses that shouldn’t be taken likely this 2022. Compared to another form of marketing it is more cost-effective with a high conversion rate. WhatsApp TV is a WhatsApp account either personal or a business account used to post content for entertainment or promotion of products and services. You might be thinking where can I get this and how does it work? Well, this kind of TV can be simply described as your WhatsApp status as a TV with you as the producer or the director.


What can you do with a WhatsApp TV?


The features of WhatsApp TV allows you to earn extra money and gain customer loyalty without necessarily having firsthand experience. What you can do with WhatsApp TV cuts across to driving traffic where you can promote your products and services, build up a great platform for affiliate marketing, give you the best audience for influencer marketing and advertising other people’s product.


How to get an audience for your WhatsApp TV ?


There are so many things you can do to attract your perfect niche with WhatsApp TV for your business.


· Run a referral contest: This is by far the easiest and least expensive way to get your products and services out there. All you need is for your closest contacts to invite their contact to send you a DM, save your number, and be entertained by your content. A win-win for all involved. The best way to encourage your contact to help you gain your audience is to tag a price for the three highest referrals. Who doesn’t like a gift or a reward? Before you know you are home while others get the audience for you.


· Partner with other WhatsApp TV owners: Partnering with people already in the business makes work easier. It gives you first-hand experiences and also introduces you to a larger audience for you to grow yours. Partnering can be in form of having them advertise your TV to their audience while you do the same or paying them to help you promote while directing people back to your WhatsApp account to help generate traffic and subsequently convert into sales.


· Promotion on social media: Just like any other services you want to introduce to the world, using other social media platforms has proven to be an effective course. Placing ads on Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok can prove to be effective in generating traffic and getting audiences to engage with your account.


· Producing Nice Contents: you can never go wrong with nice content. Give your audience something to come back for, keep them engaged, and keep them glued till they have formed a loyalty to always come back for more. Contents could be in form of text, pictures, memes, videos, and many more. While creating your content ensure it speaks to your niche or you can’t get your attention. Have a mind not too much not too less.


Don’ts of WhatsApp TV


· Not saving your audience number back.


· Not backing up your customer’s information in case of loss of the phone.


· Don’t make fake promises you can’t keep.


· Always post every day.


· Don’t be rude always apply the principles of “Customers are kings”.


· Always keep them updated on relevant changes.


What can WhatsApp TV help you do?


· Branding: A unique logo to give your TV a unique feeling and with WhatsApp Business, you can personalize your TV to have a more special touch of you and what your business entails.


· Generate Traffic: You don’t necessarily need to go door to door, person to person to get people’s information from the comfort of your home, you can generate the right amount of traffic from your niche audiences (Your target audience for which you started the WhatsApp TV).


· Swift Customer’s Response: With an automated message created you can provide instructions for your audiences without being online. It assures your customers that you are there. While automated messages are great always endeavor to reply to messages promptly.



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