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Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing


Before we get into the differences, how about a brief description of what Marketing is. It is simply an act of promoting goods and services to potential clients.

That’s it.

We can go further to say it serves as one of the most important tools in businesses as it creates a buzz for the required product.



Now that we know what Marketing is, what is the difference between Digital and Traditional Marketing?


Digital Marketing is focused on online promotions, it makes use of digital channels like websites and social media platforms. While Traditional Marketing uses offline channels to reach and communicate with its audiences using billboards, newspapers, radio, magazines, mail advertising and television advertising.


Digital Marketing has been around since the 90’s and has evolved overtime with  the help of technological advancements, it has created a world where everything is on the internet. Because of the never ending  trends it is easier to keep up promotions online, traditionally when an advert is posted consumers would have to go to selected locations to buy these products but Digital Marketing has changed and made things easier for both consumers and business owners. Now consumers are now a click away from purchasing and even reserving services.
Digital Marketing doesn’t revolve around just social media content, it also entails Email Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation (your products appear on the top searches on  the internet), Affiliate Marketing and so much more.
One of the biggest advantage of using Digital Marketing is that it is cost effective and you can get analytical  results from promotions. A study has proven that 96% of consumers know more about a brand and their products online. As a business owner, you have to ensure your products and information are accessible to clients online too.


When we hear “Traditional” most people think it’s primitive but it is not. People still prefer to reach their audiences through these traditional methods like billboards, radio and television ads. If you were to create a product for the older generation a good way to get them to know about that product would most definitely be through the traditional marketing because they’re not always scrolling on the internet. However, Traditional Marketing is considerably more expensive and less  reliable with feedback, people cannot give communicate with customers and vice versa.

Another major limitation with the traditional method is that it limits the brand. For example, when a billboard is put up only the people in that area or passing through that area can see the advertisement but when you promote digitally the chances that people abroad will come across that post is definitely high. The internet has created a world that is globalized (borderless).

An undefeatable perk of Traditional Marketing is that your audience can get accesss to your advertisement, for example, people listening  to radio programs and watching television. The advertisement goes to them and this could be the reason Traditional Marketing reaches more local audience than Digital Marketing.



You’re probably thinking “oh my, so which medium can I use?” (because they both have their upside and downside). You can go both ways, sure. But then again it can depend on where your audience is more likely to see and interact with your product or service. When you’re creating a product that requires the audience of both the older and younger generation, you might have to consider printing out fliers and creating billboards while also promoting digitally. Doing this will definitely create the right buzz for the product across the relevant platforms.



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