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Business is described as the total of all legal activities involved in the creation and distribution of goods and services to make a personal profit.The need to brand your product to sell more and get in the minds of your consumers is very essential.Branding your product attracts and retains your customers which is every organization’s aim and in the end, makes a profit. A business name is the legality of the product in other not to be seen in the market.


”The need to brand your product to sell more and get in the minds of your consumers is very essential”



1. It must be memorable.


2. Visibility.


3. It must portray a good name.


4. It must be attractive.


5. It must be easy to pronounce.


6. It must be meaningful.


We understand a few businesses grow over time, while others have great swings and eventually fall. What is the difference? The mystery lies in how they focus on establishing customer relationships to the successive scale.


Intense customer relationships are much like any relationship. You need to invest your time to produce and strengthen them over a period. 76% of customers say that they want brands to show that they understand and care about them before they buy anything. Businesses that perceive the importance of building customer relationships develop an emotional connection towards them and retain them for a long time.


Things to note when owning a business


1. Business Ethics: a guiding principle, rules and regulations, laws, do’s and don’ts, and laws governing the operation in a particular organization.

2. Production Ethics: produce goods of superlative quality, products that satisfy your customers, and make sure the production process doesn’t cause harm.

3. Financial Ethics: an organization should not cheat the staff in the payment of salary. Should avoid the reduction of staff salaries. Should be honest.


Ways to establish a good relationship with your customers.


A human need is a state of some basic satisfaction out of necessity people require things to meet their satisfaction. If you are selling any product in the world, you selling the product is determined by your good and kind relationship with your customers.


To build good customer relationships you need to:


1. Customize your approach with acceptable greetings hanging upon the scenario.


2. Make your customers feel that you understand what they want.


3. Know that some customers are more interested in the ways you build customer relationships than your products and services.


4. Keep your customers notified about the things they are interested to do business with you.


5. Pay attentive attention to your customers. Listen to them when they lay a complaint and adjust where necessary.


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